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Writing blockbuster B2B case studies

“Ooh, I do love to curl up with a good B2B case study!” is a phrase you rarely hear.

Customer stories are powerful tools in business-to-business marketing – they create credibility and help prospective clients understand how your offering could help them.

If your case studies are lacking in oomph, try to keep these six principles in mind.

1. Specificity

❌ We helped the customer be more sustainable.

✔ Our low-power equipment cut the customer’s energy usage by 20%.

2. Simplicity

❌ The team leveraged an innovative technology suite to alleviate the potential for error.

✔ The team used a new system which made mistakes less likely.

3. Story

What were the stakes, who were the main characters, what obstacles did they overcome, how did the team win out in the end?

4. Authenticity

❌ Everything went perfectly from start to finish.

✔ We hit a bump in the road, here’s how we handled it.

5. Curiosity

Cater to people’s innate nosiness. What unexpected finding surfaced during this project? What unusual tactic did you experiment with?

6. Ownership

❌‘The project was delivered’.

✔ ‘We delivered the project’ or ‘The team delivered the project’.