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Article: Account-based marketing is both a marathon and a sprint

Longevity is one reason many firms invest in account-based marketing (ABM) to nurture strategic accounts and – where possible – speed up pipeline velocity. Heather Barnett​, head of marketing at The Marketing Practice, looks at how marketers can optimize their ABM to kickstart business sales cycles.

What do Wagner’s Ring Cycle and business-to-business sales cycles have in common? They are both loooong. So long, in the case of B2B sales cycles, that they may outlast the tenure of an average CMO.

Article: Cracking one of B2B’s trickiest customers: the public sector

There’s a well-documented disparity between the average person’s expectations when it comes to digital experiences and the capabilities of legacy government infrastructure; a disparity which has become more pronounced during the pandemic.

The public sector should be fertile ground for a company whose core proposition is a cloud platform that streamlines digital workflows, then? Well, yes and no.

Before you can start marketing to public sector buyers, you need to navigate central and local gove

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